China EDM Zn450 high precision bearing, high precision ball screw

Equipment Specification Generator modelZNC-450modelZNC X-Axis (mm)450Max Processing Current (A)50/60/100Y-Axis (mm)350Power input (KVA)4.5/6/10Z-Axis (servo) (mm)200Max Processing Speed (mm³/min)360/560/700Z-2 (workhead) (mm)250Best Surface Finish (M Ra)0.18work table size (mm)740*420External D

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Equipment Specification Generator 
X-Axis (mm)450Max Processing Current (A)50/60/100
Y-Axis (mm)350Power input (KVA)4.5/6/10
Z-Axis (servo) (mm)200Max Processing Speed (mm³/min)360/560/700
Z-2 (workhead) (mm)250Best Surface Finish (M Ra)0.18
work table size (mm)740*420External Dimension (mm)860*720*1950
electrode weight (kg)180packing dimension (mm)900*1000*2090
work piece weight (kg)1100Net Weight (kg)210
Max. Workpiece Size (mm)1100*680*580  
Dielectric Tank (L)380  
Machine Weight (kg)1900  
China EDM Machine Znc450 with High Precision Bearing, High Precision Ball Screw

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