Nauticam Shipping Housing for the Nikon Z9

2022-07-22 22:43:55 By : Mr. Link Chan

Nauticam is now shipping its housing for the Nikon Z9. Nikon’s flagship mirrorless full-frame camera features a 45.7-megapixel stacked CMOS sensor and the new EXPEED 7 image processor, which allows the camera to shoot 20fps RAW with a buffer of more than 1,000 frames and record 8K/30p and 4K/120p video from the full width of the sensor.

Built around Nauticam’s N120 port system, the NA-Z9 housing offers a full suite of controls within easy reach of the integrated handles, including levers for the Fn1/Fn2 customizable buttons and the AF-Mode button, and double thumb levers for PLAYBACK/DISP and AF-ON/REC. The housing features an M24 bulkhead for hooking up external monitor/recorders via HDMI 1.4 or HDMI 2.0, as well as M16 and M14 bulkheads for strobe triggering, vacuum systems, etc. As you’d expect, the NA-Z9 is optimized for use with Nauticam’s high-quality water-contact optics, such as the WACP-1/2 and CMC-1/2.

The NA-Z9 has an MSRP of $7,223 and can be ordered now from retailers such as Backscatter.  

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Nikon's Z9 takes a divergent step from similar top-level mirrorless full frame systems from Sony and Canon by removing the mechanical shutter altogether. This departure, along with the powerful processor allow for the true no-blackout or 'Real-Live" electronic viewfinder (EVF). With a maximum 3,000nit brightness, the EVF promises an even more natural viewing experience similar to an optical viewfinder. The 'F3' button comes pre-set to remove all overlay data from the EVF for an unobstructed composition-focused workspace. The Z9 is built around a 45.7MP stacked CMOS sensor with exceptional low light performance and 14-bit raw image capture. The ISO range of the Z9 is 64 to 25,600 with expansion possible to 32-102,400. The EXPEED 7 processor features advanced noise reduction to maximize image quality at even higher ISO values.

Nikon's autofocus has seen dramatic improvement with the Z series and Z9 continues that evolution with AF that works all the way down to -8.5EV (with supported lenses) and features advanced 3D subject tracking. Furthermore, the subject detection system can be set to auto-select the subject type such as animals or people. With over 400 points into auto-detect area, this is sure to deliver exceptional tracking across the frame.

The EXPEED 7 processor also allows for 8K UHD 30p internal recording with advanced heat dissipation to prevent overheating with an 8K/60P Raw recording firmware update coming in 2022. 10-bit 4K UHD can also be recorded with full pixel readout or with a 2.3x crop factor, exceptional for getting even more macro magnification. The future firmware update will add 12-bit 8K/60p in either Nikon's RAW format or ProRes RAW HQ. Internal recording is available in either H.265 (8-bit), H.265 (8,10-bit) or ProRes HQ 422 (10-bit) formats to support different workflows. The Z9 is equipped with dual CFexpress Type-B card slots that also accommodate XQD media.


The Nauticam NA-Z9 brings embodies the experience gained by producing professional housings for Nikon's flagship DSLR and mirrorless cameras, blending them to create the most intuitive underwater imaging platform available.

F and Z Mount Compatible

The NA-Z9 uses the N120 Port System for Z-Mount full-frame lenses. When using F-mount lenses, the FTZ adapter is inside the housing which allows for the same port configuration as is found on an F-mount DSLR system such as the NA-D6 or NA-D850. Convenient lens release buttons on the housing for both F and Z mount makes lens changes a snap regardless of platform without having to remove the camera from the housing; only when installing or removing the FTZ adapter.

Essential control are placed within easy reach of the ergonomic handles and easy setup means more time in the water and less time working on your rig. Within easy reach of the ergonomic left handle are finger-actuated levers for the customizable 'Fn1' and 'Fn2' buttons as well as the AF-Mode button. A double thumb lever triggers the PLAYBACK and DISP buttons. On the right side is a double thumb lever for the AF-ON and REC control as well as recessed lever for ISO and a forward placed lever for the 'Fn1' button.  

As a true hybrid shooting platform the NA-Z9 is just as comfortable being outfitted to capture video as stills. External monitors and recorders can easily be connected via the large M24 bulkhead which supports both HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 connections.

The NA-Z9 is built around the extensive N120 Port System that supports a wide range of F-Mount and Z-Mount lenses with a variety of acrylic and optical-glass port options. In addition to standard ports, Nauticam's premium professional water-contact optics deliver the highest possible underwater image quality. The WACP-2, when used with the Nikon Z 14-24mm lenses provides a stunning rectilinear 140º field-of-view and full zoom-through capability with an incredibly natural looking image when compared to a standard rectilinear lens and dome port combination.

What's In The Box

*25033 included in below monitor housings

Compatible Monitor Mounting System

Required for Ethernet Surface Control

Dimensions: 361mm(W) x 235mm(H) x 165mm(D) Weight in air: 3.76kg Buoyancy in water: +0.05kg (incl. camera & battery) Depth Rating: 100m Port Mount: N120

Model Number: 17228 USA Retail Price: $7,223

More information is available from Nauticam at: